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*Most of our products use natural leathers, which means any incidental tonal variations, marks or veins are natural features and should not be considered imperfections.


Keep the shoes clean and store the product in a cool dry place. Please avoid light, heat, rain and moisture. Be careful not to rub your shoes against coarse or abrasive surfaces. Gently remove the dirt with a brush then care for them using the leather cream. Coating the product with leather polish can help to preserve the leather quality.


Patent materials may adhere to each other or may become discolored by the surface melting through high temperatures, so make sure to store them properly so that they do not come into direct contact with other products or with other objects. Care should be taken to avoid contact with alcohol or any type of solvent which will damage the high shine finish. If they are stored for a long-term at high or low temperatures, the leather surface will appear to crack, so they should be kept in a cool place. Please make sure to care for them with enamel cleaners.

Suede & Nubuck

Suede is a very absorbent material and therefore marks easily. So, you may have to pay extra attention to the products when they get wet. You should brush off the moisture straight away with a soft damp cloth.


Satin is sensitive material, contact with sharp or rough objects may cause it to pull or tear. You should keep them safe from wet conditions. For cleaning satin a professional shoe cleaner can advise in this regard.

Others like Nylon, Rayon, etc.

When it is contaminated slightly, brush it off with a damp soft cloth. You should keep it dry in a well-ventilated shaded area. If there is severe contamination, use a cotton swab soaked in detergent bubbles and then remove moisture completely with a soft dry cloth.